2018 11+ Pass Rate

Open days at the grammar schools will be in the last week of June 2019.
Churston Ferrers Grammar School – Open day – Thursday 27th June.
Register your intent to sit the 11+ at your first choice school by 6th Sept.                                                                                11+ CEM tests will be on Saturday 14th September 2019 – 8.15 – 11.25am.

Mock tests – it is advised that you aim to sit one test per month or 8-10 mock tests.                                                 Please book these on: www.ilearn.ltd  

Our pass rate last year was 92% !
Well done to all our students who sat the 11+ in 2018. Whatever school you go to and whether you passed or not, your tuition will have had great benefits to your academic levels as well as to building your confidence. Wishing our past students all the best for their future.