iLearn is the way to ensure success to pass the 11+ and Independent School entrance exams for the UK’s Grammar School and Independent School systems.

Written and prepared by teachers who have many years at both the ‘chalk face’ and within senior management, iLearn brings you a weekly course of lessons that the student can engage in.

We offer packages that give online tests & revision questions with video lessons with quick tests.

The video lesson will teach word definitions, timetables and spellings along with two sets of worksheets each week. These worksheets are sent to be individually marked with feedback from our qualified teachers. The online tests are automatically marked. It doesn’t matter where you live in the world: if you need an 11+ tutor in Kent, Birmingham, London, Lincoln, Bournemouth, Torbay, the USA or India, we can help to tutor you.

When you sign up to iLearn, we promise there are no hidden catches.  You are not committed to more than one month at a time and you may cancel your subscription at any time.

iLearn was started by two secondary teachers who taught in secondary education in a school with an Ofsted ‘Outstanding’ grade.

Jane has been a private 11+ tutor for over 12 years, with exceptional results and experience in tutoring pupils as young as Year 2.  Holding a BA (Hons) degree in Education, she has been teaching in secondary education for over 10 Years.  As a private 11+ tutor, she is oversubscribed due to a high success rate.  In addition she is a parent of 4 children who have been successful in entrance to the Grammar and Independent sector.  All of the educational content is written or approved by Jane, who has developed material for many years as an 11+ tutor.

iLearn believe in providing parents and carers with a quality and honest service for children.  We never make promises we can’t make and we only employ qualified teachers into the company with exceptional experience, qualifications and dedication to provide the education that your child deserves.  As parents ourselves, we only provide material that we would or do give to our own children to prepare them for 11+ or Independent School entrance exams.   Our aim is to remain ‘Outstanding’ educators and we welcome your feedback to ensure we get it right!